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Workshop Comments 2019


Shields Middle School, August 26

"Why don't the youth and the police get along?" -student 

"They do not completely understand each other." -HCSO

"Have you ever lost a loved one (zone partner)?" -student

"Yes, my friend and brother, John Kotfila." -HCSO

"Have you ever been in a high speed chase?" -student

"Yes, approximately 2-3... We only chase people who are wanted 

for serious crimes against other people." -HCSO

North Tampa EPIC, May 13

"Why (do) all white people shoot all black men?" -student

"Police/deputies do not shoot black people because they are black. Police/deputies shoot people because the person is doing something to cause the police/deputy to use lethal force. The rules of lethal force are defined." -HCSO

"Why do officers slam kids so hard?" -student

"Law enforcement officers/deputies just try to neutralize the situation. Officers/deputies should not slam people for no reason." -HCSO 

"In serious situations do they use their tasers?" -students

"Depending on the circumstances, we (may) use our tasers. We attempt to not use force but sometimes it is necessary." -HCSO

Young Middle Magnet, April 24

"Why do officers kill innocent people?" -student

"If a law enforcement officer killed an "innocent" person it would mostly due to an accident. An officer is sworn to protect people and property, and intentionally killing an "innocent person would be murder." -HCSO

"Have you ever been shot at before?" -student

"Yes, I have been shot at. A person with mental issues was shooting at images in his mind - he was shooting in our direction." -HCSO

"Why do we have to go on lockdown when the threat isn't at our school?" -student

"It is for the safety of students and staff when an incident is close (in the vicinity of) to a school (the reason other schools in the area go on lockdown). We do not want a dangerous person inside of a school." -HCSO

Sgt Paul R. Smith MS, April 15

"What is the oath you make as a cop?" -student

"The oath I take as a law enforcement officer is to protect and serve the citizens of Hillsborough County, without prejudice." -HCSO

"What happens to all the drugs after a drug bust?" -student

"Drugs that are confiscated from arrests are kept as evidence until after the trial is complete – they then are burned." -HCSO

"What do you do if you see an under-age vaping with friends?" -student

"If I see someone under age vaping with their friends I inquire about their ages, call their parents and attempt to get them to respond." -HCSO


Progress Village MS, March 26


Do you think the opinion people have of law enforcement officers 

has changed in the past 20 years?" -student

"I do believe some people’s opinions about law enforcement officers have changed in the past 20 years. There is a vocal minority that has become louder (in their criticism of us) but the majority of people are pro-law enforcement." -HCSO

"Do officers take (a person’s) race under consideration when they 

are interacting with people?" -student

"Officers do (should) not take race into consideration when interacting with citizens. Bad attitudes, however, (by citizens) can create unwanted consequences: negative mindsets can result in citations or arrests." -HCSO

"What weapon would you pull out first and why?" -student

"Deputies carry “tools” (not weapons) with them on their uniforms. My 

confidence is in my talking to citizens when my safety is threatened. We have a scale – when a suspect pulls something out, we pull something out equal to (what they have) or on the next level. In order, we would use (from the least lethal to the greatest) pepper spray, taser, knife or our gun." -HCSO

Burnett Middle, February 11


"Do you have to go through standard combat training?" -student

"Yes, deputies go through defensive tactics training." -HCSO

"What else could we do during a school shooting?" -student

"Run from the scene (of a potential or actual school shooting 

to a secure location." -HCSO

"Are you trained to handle school shootings?" -student

"Deputies have training every year, along with active shooting training." -HCSO

Randall Middle School, January 14

"Should teachers have guns?" -student

"I feel that a better solution than teachers carrying guns would be 

using effective school resource officers." -HCSO

"Why do older kids take advantage of younger kids and the 

police don’t do anything about it?" -student

"Law enforcement officers may not get involved with older children 

taking advantage of younger ones because these may be situations 

that parents or teachers can handle." -HCSO

"What can be done about students creating hate accounts on social 

media platforms where they say mean things about other students 

without their consent: for example, randall.tea."  -student

"Although you can’t control what someone else posts on social media you can influence the results of the posts by getting them removed." -HCSO